Summer in the City

Work has gone insane, but I dragged myself away to do errands downtown. Seattle in the summer is stupid gorgeous. I flirted shamelessly with the produce vendor in Pike Place Market, to score beautiful nectarines, tomatoes, currants, and figs just as he was rolling down the door, to close for the day; scraped the bottom of Le Panier’s croissant case, so the SO would have breakfast for the next few days; bought coffee and chatted up the almost evangelically polyamorous barista; and traded a book on economic theory for Mark Gatiss’s Box novels at the Central Library.

The sidewalk vibrated with heat, cars idled at every intersection, and tourists huddled in the shadow of Nike Town, loudly wondering why no one had AC. I slapped along the pavement, woman as pack mule, and loved everyone and everything, unconditionally. Hot time, summer in the city…

Ojibway Square Dance (Love Song)


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