Brilliant Idea of the Day

I’ve been boning up on the history of abortion rights, which post-Roe turns out to be the history of the erosion of abortion rights. It’s depressing, deeply depressing.

The result of all this reading and depression is my growing conviction that women will start seeking abortion services across the borders, which will become very messy, very fast. Texas women are already seeking chemical abortions via pharmacists in Mexico, with sometimes mortal consequences for both woman and embryo.

The solution is right in front of us–Reservations! Native Americans already sell cigarettes and fireworks, build casinos. The tribes could reach out to Planned Parenthood and private practitioners, offering land and labor, in exchange for job training and medical care. The clinics and tribes could split the proceeds, everybody wins, Bob’s your uncle!

As a child of the American Indian diaspora, I am trying to think how this would harm any of my people, but the only thing I can think of is a hazard they already face, i.e. being attacked by white people. And since that right there is a major reason why American Indian women need abortion services, having those services available on Native land is an improvement. Reparations, if you will, for the ongoing, systemic genocide by rape of American Indian peoples.


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