I tried to listen to the RNC this evening, I really did. NPR is playing the event without commentary or interpretation, which I appreciate, but somehow that makes the misogyny, race-baiting, and nativism a million times worse. I’m paralyzed with rage. A full fifth of Bushmill’s is not enough to get me through this. I had to turn it off.

For over 20 years I’ve listened to both sides. I’ve voted almost entirely Democrat, based on that, but I’ve never wanted to shut the conversation down, before. Today, I shut it down. I’m tired. I’m really, truly tired. I’m tired of defending myself, I’m tired of being outraged, I’m tired of straight, white, men presuming that I’m too simple to have thought the issue through, or to know what is best for me.

I am not an idiot. Really. I swear. I’m the primary wage-earner in my household. Straight, white, men across the globe dial into meetings at 7 AM every week to say “How high?” when I say “Jump!” That is not an accident or an anomaly. I really do have two braincells to rub together. I am capable of parsing complex moral dilemmas, as well as managing a global supply chain for a multi-billion dollar company.

Crazy, right? Even though I’m bleeding from my seekrit ladyplace right this instant, I can still do math! Spinoza, Nietzsche, Hume, and Kant are not mysteries. I’ve read the Divine Comedy, and I can recite the entirety of the Prologue to the Canterbury Tales from memory. I’m familiar with legal codes dating back to Hammurabi.

I’m pretty sure, based on the evidence, that I can tell when a candidate is being a race-whistling, misogynist fuckwad. And Mitt Romney is a race-whistling, misogynist, fuckwad. A douche-canoe of the first order. Exemplar of everything that is wrong with our white-supremacist, bigoted, anti-intellectual polity.

I am getting old, I’m tired of the BS, and I’m really, really tired of assholes telling me that Daddy Knows Best. I have a Daddy, and we don’t speak, except on birthdays and the Christmas that neither of us believe in. I neither need nor want another.

The entire Republican party can go fuck themselves. I’ll even give them my pretty, marbled pink, double-ended dildo. It’s silicon, so it’s totally sanitary.



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