The Echo Chamber

In case you haven’t heard, former Governor and current Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney. decided to insult everyone on the planet this week. He impugned the state department, for their comments regarding the video which allegedly precipitated the riots; he insulted the security of the two embassies, and thereby the USMC; and he insulted the majority and minority parties of Egypt and Libya, apparently, just for good measure. In addition, of course, to playing political football, libelously, with our current CiC.


Romney has now convinced my father, a Reagan Democrat who has voted Republican (including McCain) ever since; a Vietnam War vet w/ multiple tours under his belt and a matching belt buckle; a white male over 60; and a rural, red state voter–to switch over to the Nigerian Muslim Socialist Gay Married Anchor Baby. Yes, this week, Romney has turned my Daddy Democrat.

Good job, Romney! Keep at it! I salute you!!!


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