I should have changed those stupid locks…

FarmVille 2 debuted September 5th of this year. For 99.9% of the human race, this is a non-issue. For me, too, until last week, when I decided to give it a try.

A little context: I played the old FarmVille for a couple of years, as a pleasant diversion from actual work, until Zynga went batshit insane, and started adding farm after farm after farm to the game. It became less a pleasant diversion from work, and more work, itself. I have enough to do during the course of a day: I don’t need endless missions to complete, and four farms to manage. It was supposed to be a game, right, 5 minutes of fun? Not another full-time job, one that wasn’t even paying me.

So, I broke up with Zynga, a relationship that had gradually expanded from farming, to running a café, joining the criminal underworld, and even a brief flirtation with the virtual Middle Ages. Cutting Zynga out of my life lifted a huge weight. I hadn’t realized how much of my time and attention Zynga had managed to take over with their insidious web of social games. But, finally, I was free, and I vowed, hand over laptop, that I would not go down that path, again.

Oh, I would still game, sure. I signed up to a hidden object puzzle game, and stayed faithful for lo, these many months. It was enough, really. Why did I need anything more than what I had? Surely, the 20 minutes per day I spent clicking across the world was plenty of mindless mass entertainment. Surely…

Until last week, when I hit a wall in my puzzle game; happened to be off of work; and was too annoyed at politics to focus on a book. That’s when Zynga zapped me! Out of nowhere, one of my old Farmville neighbors invited me to join the new game, right when I was most vulnerable, and I caved.

Now I’ve got a kitchen, a well, a small garden, and livestock; I’m harvesting trees and building a watering trough; and I’m hoping to level up today, enough to expand a bit to the northwest. Hoo-wah!

The FarmVille 2 interface is much nicer than the old version. It’s all 3-D looking and super-active. The graphics are much improved, and the gameplay is pretty straightforward and intuitive for anyone even vaguely familiar with the type. I don’t know how the game itself will hold up as I progress through the levels. If it starts larding up on missions and required purchases, I will bail out, again.


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