Happy Autumn

It’s officially fall. Also, 44 days until the general election, here in the US.

It’s a cool, gray day. I’m looking forward to the day it’s cool enough to pull out my new winter coat. I like full length coats, of heavy, soft wool; a coat like a blanket, snuggly and warm. I bought this one on the internet, and had it tailored a bit, because I’m short.

I buy a new coat every five years or so. I wear them to rags, then invest in the best quality that I can afford. By purchasing in summer, when stores are trying to clear out old stock, I can afford a very, very good coat which leaves me money enough for a bit of tailoring, and plenty of time in which to do it.

I have the same strategy for boots: buy the best I can afford, and wear them to death. Good boots can be resoled and re-heeled for years.

I’m lucky that I’m employed, again, and have the money. I remember too well a childhood of hand-me-downs, and then years of thrift and discount store winter wear. I still buy my regular clothes in thrift and consignment stores, though. I just can’t justify paying retail prices for most things.

I’m thinking about this because I recently re-read John Scalzi’s Being Poor. Everyone should.


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