Solanum lycopersicum

This blog is basically a warm up for Nanowrimo. 2012 marks the 14th year that I have “participated,” although I have only completed a novel two or three times. Did I even try, last year? I can’t remember. A lot was going on. I know I completed a novel in 2010, because I was unemployed at the time, and nursing a broken kitten, so I spent much of November at my desk, typing away, with Maraca buzzing in my lap. She was so very tiny, then, a soft bundle of confusion and need.

Maraca is bigger now, a fully grown cat, but still the sweetest feline I’ve ever met, with insanely soft fur. Really, petting her is like petting a chinchilla, and though she no longer falls over, she’s still brain-damaged and a little confused by almost everything. She can’t go out, because she’d be hit by a car or eaten by a coyote immediately. The other cats escape occasionally, and we don’t worry too much, but Maraca… well, she be special. Fortunately, she seems afraid of the doors that lead outside, and usually hides when one of them is opened.

Last night, our dog ate all the tomatoes, again. That is the second time that she has knocked a carton off of the counter, dragged it into the living room, and eaten all the fruit (or veggies), while the rest of us were sleeping. These tomatoes were on the vine, though, so I also got to spend my morning hunting for the vine pieces strewn around. This is the same dog that managed to open a screw-top travel tumbler without opposable thumbs.

WordPress is telling me that opposable is not a word. Editorial fail, WordPress. You know what is not a word? WordPress, yet you don’t seem to object to that, now, do you? Tsk.

It’s Tuesday, so I’m hoping the Romney campaign will do something delightfully insane before days end. I don’t think that agreeing with the Obama campaign position on immigration counts. I’m sure the Romney campaign will walk back the remarks soon, as they did with Medical Marijuana, abortion access, and the Affordable Care Act. Dog forbid that the candidate say what he means, or mean what he says.

Tomorrow is the first Presidential debate. I will be watching, of course. I will probably also be retching, choking, yelling at my laptop, and praying to assorted deities. What is life without a little drama?


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