Número Tres

What, with my excitement over breakfast, and my depression over yet another mass shooting, I nearly forgot that the third presidential debate is this evening. Hola, Boca Raton! ¿Qué pasa? ¿Se excitan?

Based on my thus-far unerring record of accurate prognostication, and the list of topics released by Bob Schieffer, I expect the winner to be… The Voice! The loser will be… Bob Schieffer!

The topics are:

America’s role in the world
Our longest war — Afghanistan and Pakistan
Red lines — Israel and Iran
The changing Middle East and the new face of terrorism — I
The changing Middle East and the new face of terrorism — II
The rise of China and tomorrow’s world

How lame is this? Fifteen minutes of platitudinous blather, an hour on the Middle East, and 15 minutes of Romney trying to start a new Cold War with China while Obama tries to talk him down off of the ledge. If I had an ounce of sense, I would skip it, but obviously, I don’t.

I think it’s likely that Mr Romney will once again try to steamroll the moderator; we’ll see how that works. Perhaps Mr Schieffer will display some spine. My hopes, they are not high.

On the bright side, the world may end in two months, so this could all be moot.


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