Like a River

My therapist has advised me to seek out “flow experiences” and to do at least one thing, every day, that makes me happy. It is unfortunate that the debates are over, because for me, last night qualified on both counts. What else makes me happy and/or causes me to ignore the passage of time? Writing, that’s one, although the happiness tends to be delayed.

Work also makes me lose track of time, and frequently thrills me. I’m lucky enough to love my work, so I don’t watch the clock. It’s more like I look up towards the end of the day and realize that I should probably call it quits, because my eyes are aching, my back hurts, and I need to get a life. I arrive cheerful and optimistic, and I leave feeling accomplished and satisfied.

So, what do I do? I’ve got a game I play for 20 or 30 minutes per day. Read? Watch movies? Movies and television are kind of a trial, for me, so I can’t lose myself in media.

Well, it’s time for my meeting. Ta.


3 thoughts on “Like a River

  1. Hi mintwitch! I saw your comment at Whatever, and your name rang a bell so loud that I am still staggering, and so now I must ask you if you have also been mintwitch at another location, specifically LiveJournal, because if so I kind of know you a little. I used to be there, then I disappeared. Now I don’t have a blog; I just do drive-by commenting.

    I used to be Caille. You are still mintwitch. I like that. Even if you aren’t the LJ mintwitch, I still feel happy today because of you.

      1. Holy crap, mintwitch. I was reviewing your earlier posts, and I can’t talk now, I have to return to your August “This Week…” post on account of all the links. Good stuff.

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