Just Another Manic Monday

* I do not understand why Republicans, Libertarians, and other anti-government intrusion types, are so into voter-ID laws. That makes no sense. Requiring people to have government issued identification is the very epitome of government getting all up in the individual citizen’s grill. And no, a license, whether it’s a driver’s license or a hairdressing license, is not the same thing.

* Even though Sandy is way out east, across the continent, we are having some severe weather. The past 12 hours have been very exciting, if you are fond of pounding rain and high winds. Apparently, one of my cats likes the weather, because I have not been able to get her to come inside. Silly kitty.

* We were nearly in a car accident this morning, on the bridge. OMG SUDDEN DEATH AAAAAH! People need to not follow so close, especially on a BRIDGE, in the RAIN, when it’s DARK, and everyone is still half-asleep and under-caffeinated. This is why I don’t trust civilian drivers, because you people think you can drive, but really you can’t, so you lack both the humility of amateurs and the expertise of professionals. I am really looking forward to robot cars. Driver’s licenses are a sick joke. In 2011, “only” nearly 33,000 people were killed in traffic accidents, the lowest rate in 60 years, and 99% of those accidents were caused by non-professional drivers. Compare this to the number of people killed in the September 11th events, which was not quite 3,000, and it becomes obvious that the real threat is American citizens on American roadways. You people terrify me: good job!

* The Weasel of Destruction (aka Nigel) has recently demonstrated a bizarre fondness for butternut squash. Raw, baked, pureed, seasoned or plain, he likes it very much, enough to brave walking across a hot stove and burning his whiskers off (again). If I had known then what I know now… I never thought I would reach a point in my life where I simply accept a cat walking across my stove top, as if it’s completely normal, and not disturbingly unsanitary. I’ve given up.

* Just one week to Election Day! Are you ready? I’m not ready. I’m deeply afraid of the zombie apocalypse. Please America, don’t vote for the zombie apocalypse; I hate Spam.


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