Get offa my lawn!

Back on November 5th, the day before the election, Peggy Noonan wrote that Mr Romney was going to win, because the vibrations were right, and on a trip through Florida, she saw a lot of Romney signs, and no Obama signs.

I keep thinking about the yard sign thing, because it’s similar to a conversation my partner and I had several times a week, carpooling to work. We live in a blue neighborhood, in a blue city, county, and state. Our region went overwhelmingly for Obama. In fact, there was never any doubt how our votes would go, even with something like eight different candidates on the ballot.

Like Ms Noonan, we did not see any Obama yard signs. I recall seeing two Romney signs in my immediate neighborhood, and the occasional Romney/Ryan bumper sticker. There are still a lot of Obama/Biden 2008 bumper stickers, that the vehicle owners never bothered to replace. Out here, though, bumper stickers are uncommon, and usually say something along the lines of “Consider Whirled Peas” or “My Other Car is a Broom.” But if Ms Noonan had been driving through pot-smoking, gay-marriage atheist-land, based on her metric, she would have concluded that we were in the bag for Romney.

Yeah, no.

President Obama has demolished the electoral margin, winning by so much that when conservative pundits were predicting a Romney win, it would have been a mandate. Since Obama won, though, those same pundits are calling it a squeaker. President Obama also won the popular vote, something that conservatives had confidently declared impossible. What are we up to now, 52% of the popular vote for Obama?

How could the vibrations be so wrong? I wonder. Is it possible that one’s relationship with a Hitachi Magic Wand is not a good indicator of political outcomes?

Since the election, the right-wing circle jerk has devolved into circular firing squad. Blame Sandy, blame Chris Christie, blame witches. It would be funny, if it weren’t so sad. How can a movement so deluded, so fantasy-based, so completely incapable of working within reality consider itself competent to govern 350 million people? The Romney/Ryan campaign expected to win, was in itself made up entirely of low-information voters. The Republican candidates were low-information voters. This is simply appalling.


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