Tomorrow, I have a very big day. The first 4 hours will be a very serious meeting, with very serious people, who very seriously out-earn me. I’m not running the meeting, thank Dog, but I’m first lieutenant, so to speak, so I’m still “on.”

I’ll be dressing in my best corporate drag, and putting on make-up, and brushing my hair. Then I will smile and shake hands, trade cards and do my bit. All in three inch heels, underwire, and stockings. Itchy!

I’m thinking that afterwards, once I’ve caught up on email, I might bail out early and go see Skyfall. I love Bond. I grew up on Bond. I read all the Ian Fleming novels in Jr High, and I wanted to be a spy for the longest time. Well, either a spy or a nun. No, I’m not Catholic, in case you were wondering, I just found the idea of a vow of silence, celibacy, and poverty very appealing. Still do, actually.

Anyway, tomorrow, me and James, at the movies. Could do.


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