SNAP Challenge

I’ve been following Cory Booker’s posts, and they are kind of hilarious. Mr Booker is terrible at eating on a budget. I feel for the guy, I really do, but I can’t help being amused.

My household is “snapping” for the next two weeks. Not because we’re being socially conscious, and all that jazz, but because we are out of money. Winter is always tight, due to heating bills, and other such expenses, but the next two weeks will take us right down to the bone.

Yesterday, I made a big pot of soup out of various vegetables that were aging in the crisper: celery, onion, parsnips, and carrots. This will be dinner for the week. Every other meal is created from “pantry” ingredients, and will be until the pantry is empty. Rice and beans, eggs, apples, potatoes, stale nuts toasted on the stove to refresh them for lunches–this is how you eat on a budget. A week isn’t long enough to plan how to spend $20-$30 in order to maximize one’s food allowance.

I’m hoping, if we purchase nothing but milk, that we will have enough money to get gas and pay our bills. Frankly, some bills may be paid late, which will mean interest or finance charges levied, which will further cut into our next paychecks, and therefore what food we can afford the two weeks after that. And so on. It never ends.


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