Cheese and rice, they got all muddy!

I can tolerate almost anything except bad food. Why is this? Why does a crappy lunch drive me nearly to tears, but not a death in family, or natural disaster?

I’ve been on a mostly soup-and-water diet for two days, due to a bout of stomach flu. I was really looking forward to solid food today, specifically Pho, but it turns out I didn’t have time to go across the street, so I hit up the Caf, since they usually have a decent selection of choices. Not today. Everything contained either meat or gluten except for the Indian entree, so I got that. Bad, bad decision. I should have chosen to starve. Daal like bland and crunchy soup, saag paneer that tasted rancid, long-grain rice being passed off as Basmati.

I ended up tossing it, which means that not only am I hungry, I’m upset about wasting both food and money. Ridiculous!


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