Spring Poop

Coming over the 1st Ave S bridge this morning, the Better Half and I saw our first geese of the season, winging down to the wetlands. What a wonderful sight to see while crawling through slow morning traffic! Truly, Spring is here, which means I really need to get on with the gardening.

My seeds and strawberry plants are currently “Out for Delivery,” so there should be a box on my porch when I get home tonight. Hopefully, I can leave work early (read: on time) and put on my old Doc Martens, Docs being the official gardening shoes of Casa de Lesbos. Mine are a lovely floral print, and double as my snowy weather shoes. I like multipurpose, all-season gear.

TBH has the next six days off, so I’m hoping that the arrival of her plants will inspire her to set up the strawberry fountain we ordered lo, these many years ago. I will need to get peat moss and compost: I’m thinking something cheap and mild, like mushroom compost, since strawberries are shallow-rooted and will need to be top-dressed frequently.

I’m still playing phone and email tag with the horse lady, so I have no idea when I’ll get the truckload of composted manure that I want. I’m reluctant to build beds without a massive heap of poop on my front lawn, ready to be barrowed up the hill to the veg garden. Is this reasonable caution or procrastination? Should I start sourcing elsewhere, under the assumption that the horse lady has flaked out? Decisions, decisions. Still, I need poop.


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