I’m a big fan of JT, aka the Trouser Snake. I have few illusions about the boy. Nonetheless, even I am a little surprised at the extremely adult language and themes of his latest album. Don’t get me wrong, it’s gorgeous, a really terrific album, but it’s… well, blunt. Highly sexual, and the metaphors are not at all opaque. So, fair warning, I guess. Don’t buy this for your preteen, unless you are ready to have The Talk, is what I’m saying. And not a vague, cabbage-patch talk, but a very specific talk about cunnilingus, et cetera. If you are not comfy with that, best wait. Okay? Okay!

My Territorial Seed box did not deliver. Tomorrow, I will begin making phone calls, some of which might escalate into the category of “irate.” WHERE ARE MY SEEDS?!?!!?

Today’s weather encompassed sun, wind, rain, hail, and various combinations thereof. Welcome to Seattle. If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes. It will get worse, and won’t you be sorry you bitched, then?


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