Numfar, do the dance of rain!

Few things are more likely to make one appreciate rain as much as gardening. Free water! It’s like money falling from the sky.

The figs are thriving, and the strawberries are unfurling their tiny leaves. The avocados are a little droopy, though. Avocados have greedy roots, and the trees were more than ready to leave their pots, so they might be experiencing a little more shock than the figs. I’m keeping an eye on them.

With the rain, I have the urge to cook something warm and comforting, like sauteed kale and sorrel, with a poached egg. The kale comes from a local farm, and the eggs are from a local underground backyard chicken rancher. I love the idea that I am buying black-market eggs. Actually, they are trying to go legit, though the process is difficult and expensive. My criminal days are numbered, I’m afraid.

The sorrel is the only thing from our garden. I planted some when we first moved in, before I knew that sorrel is a fiend, that will take over everything. I’ve been treating it as an invasive weed ever since, except at the top of the retaining wall, where nothing else can grow. It comes back every year, the first spring green; the lemony tartness of sorrel is a great complement to kale and eggs.

Also good? Sauteed kale on a sandwich, with fresh mozzarella or goat cheese. That’s really all you need. Kale: it’s not what’s for dinner–it’s for every meal. Yum!



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