Garden Journal 2013: More Digging, 3 Sisters

Dug almost 40′ of bed and edged it with re-used path stones. I crapped out after amending, watering, and raking, so I’ll have to plant the bed tomorrow, before starting on the next one.

Today’s bed will be a Three Sisters: corn, beans, and squash. Not quite classic, because I’ll be planting bantam corn, bush beans, and summer squash, but it’s worked out before. I have especially high hopes this year, since it’s been so warm.

I think we’re going to have a long, hot summer, so I’m going to put in tomatoes. Tomatoes are always touch and go, up here. I’ll get a couple of early tomatoes, a couple of cherries, a couple of sauce types, and two or three big, tasty slicers. Mmmm, tomatoes.

Taking yesterday off was a mistake, as far as timing goes. I really should have peas, greens, and potatoes in already. Radishes. Carrots and beets. Oh, jeez, I am so behind. Everything needs to be planted NOW. Sob.


One thought on “Garden Journal 2013: More Digging, 3 Sisters

  1. Mmmm, tomatoes. I grew up in the Southwest, and we always had a boatload of tomatoes from the backgarden. The husband and I are trying our hand at it for the first time this year. We’ve already killed one of the plants, though :-/ Lots to learn!

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