Garden Journal 2013: Fahrenheit (°F)

I’m feeling less stressed about seeding. Temps are still running well under 50°F at night, and mostly under 60°F during the day; that’s a little too cool for optimum germination. Whew!

Even though last weekend’s temps were probably slightly flukish (look, I made a new word!), I should get diggy with it this weekend. I shall not be lazy! I will delay my bookish gratification until it’s too dark to be out in the garden. I will dig like a digging thing!

My creative use of English in this post may be credited to Joss Whedon, circa BTVS. I’ve been rewatching the show the past few weeks, and I’m now up to Season 7. This is the only season that I haven’t watched a million times. It’s hard to say which season is my favorite, but 7 is Not It. I don’t hate it or anything, it’s just not my favorite.

S7 reworked a lot of the S1 and S2 stories, with a slight twist, e.g. Him. On the one hand, I think it’s an interesting choice; on the other hand, it seems a little repetitive.

Okay, time to start getting ready for work. Blah.


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