I know that I’ve bitched about the caf at work, previously: I am sometimes cranky and judgmental. Generally, though, I am very, very lucky in my food choices, at work. We have a sushi bar, a *real* and very good sushi bar, as well as a taqueria and a more general caf with a dozen options, from custom pizzas, sandwiches, a great salad bar, soups, a rotisserie… really, it’s a ridiculous abundance, and I am an ass-hole for criticizing.

Today, I had a very narrow food window, due to conference calls, so I was “forced” to go to the caf, instead of opting for the sushi bar. Oh, woe. I got Ma Po tofu on jasmine rice, steamed asparagus, and sauteed pea shoots, for under $10. It was delicious. I almost got a salad, too, because the day’s salad bar looked so amazing, but I know the capacity of my stomach, not to mention my time constraints.

I think it is ridiculous that not all large companies give their employees the option of cheap, delicious, healthy food. Maybe it’s my region of the US, but every company I’ve worked for has kept us fed and watered, in one way or another, whether it’s free kettle corn machines and coolers of soda, or catered lunches every Friday, or a staff chef. My employers have all provided health insurance, gym memberships, and nap rooms. My current employer even has a hairdresser on site, in addition to child care.

This does not make them less profitable. In fact, I work for the global leader in my company’s category. Yet, they also match my charitable contributions. How is this possible?

Fundamentally, I believe that you do well by doing good. The NYSE backs up this belief, so it’s not just me. Yes, evil may thrive in the short term, e.g. Enron, but in the long term, good pays. In fact, good gives a really excellent ROI.



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