Today has been a day of recovery. I am doing things that make me happy, including cooking and reading. I also did dishes and cleaned the kitchen a bit, while listening to our local NPR station. (Shout out to Stuart MacLean and the Vinyl Cafe, w00t!) Dinner will be a gratin of potato, leek, and braising greens. I may even bake. Macaroons would be nice, I think.

I’m also going to pull out my sewing box and make some silk flowers, inspired by this post on the Mark Mitchell Burial blog, my new favorite thing. I am pretty entranced with the idea of hand-made burial garments, in general, but Mitchell’s dedication to the art is beautiful.

I adore making things, but I don’t always know what to do with the things that I have made. As a result, I have a room full of “semi-projects.” They are finished projects, but not complete products, e.g. ribbon roses are complete in and of themselves, but once you have a large box of them, then what? A bedspread or skirt of varicolored and sized flowers? What if they are not all the same fabric? What if I went a little crazy and also made leather, lace, and velvet roses? (And maybe some calla lilies, ahem.)

Maybe I should just sew them all into some outrageous cape, give myself a superhero name, and go out into the streets to fight crimes against grammar. I’ll recite poetry and carry i-cord to bind wrong-doers until an English teacher can be summoned to the scene. That could be fun.


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