In which I become a survivalist-prepper-type

I’ve been obsessing over making cheese for the past month or so. It’s a thing, but not enough of a thing to do anything about. Then, today, I came across a box of dry milk powder while cleaning out the pantry. I have no idea why we have non-fat dry milk powder–it’s a crazy thing for us to have in our house. Although, it is typical that we would have it and not know that we had it, for dog knows how long.

In any case, I’ve been looking up cheese recipes using nfdm this evening, which has taken me to some very strange places on the internet. I know that there are people out there who do keep six months of shelf-stable food in their homes, and they rotate it all out before it gets three months old, in a vague, “oh, those wacky kids” sort of way, but wow. I haven’t seen so many Bible verses since I read the Bible, which was a long time ago, and sort of taxing. (It was a thing. The Thing is a recurring phenomenon in my life, and goes far to explain the contents of my bookshelves.)

I managed to soldier through the disaster porn, paranoid conspiracy theories, and Rapture evangelism, to pick out a few useful looking recipes, but it was a struggle. And now I’m a little confused as to why folks who expect to get raised into Heaven at any second would bother to store food. If I thought the end was truly nigh, I’d have nothing but a pint of gelato and six bottles of really terrific champagne in the house. Perhaps a highly perishable triple-cream cheese, too, because I do love me some cheese.

Soft Cottage Cheese
 2 c. hot water
1-1/2 c. dry milk powder
3 T. Fresh lemon juice or white vinegar

 Blend water and dry milk and pour into saucepan (foam and all). Sprinkle lemon juice or vinegar slowly around edges and gently stir over medium heat just until milk begins to curdle, separating into curds and whey. Remove from heat and let rest one minute. Pour into strainer or colander, rinse with hot, then cold water. Press out water with back of spoon. Makes about 1-1/2 c. curds. If desired, moisten rinsed curds with a little buttermilk before serving and add salt to taste. Refrigerate if not used immediately. Whey from fresh milk powder can be used in place of water in breads and soups.


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