The Best of All Possible Worlds, by Karen Lord

ImageI owe the library for this book. I was supposed to turn it in last Friday, but I wasn’t finished reading it yet, and I couldn’t bear to wait until my turn came back around to find out what happens. So, now I owe fines. But it’s worth it. It is so very worth it.

How do I describe The Best of All Possible Worlds? It’s impossible. An extended meditation on the nature of humanity? A creation story? A 21st century Gulliver’s Travels? A SF Romance? There’s is too much there, there! And yet, even with all that going on, Lord has written a story that is extraordinarily serene. What sort of author writes high-adventure scenes that are soothing. A romance sexy as a Zen koan? A crazy brilliant author, obviously.

Oh, and it’s a Western. Kind of. A space Western. About alien humans. Or maybe they are human aliens. It’s hard to describe, so I’ll stop, now.

Anyway, two thumbs up.


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