This week’s episode of On The Media includes a piece on Jason Collins’ coming out of the closet. True to the show’s mission, it’s more about the media reaction and coverage, than about Collins. Give it a listen.

In honor of Collins’s announcement, I reread The Dreyfus Affair, by Peter Lefcourt. This novel is about 20 years old, now, and a little dated, but still very sweet. At the time, it was shocking; not only does it concern a gay romance between major league baseball players, it’s an interracial romance. Oh, my pearls, I must clutch them!

I also recommend the Cyndi Lauper interview, on On The Media, because Cyndi Lauper is awesome-sauce.

Finally caught up on Bonzo Bean‘s blog. I know she hasn’t been feeling the blogging love, recently, which I totally respect, but I like scrolling through her posts. We cook entirely differently–I have immense respect for her mastery of traditional, American home cooking. I’ve never even had pot-roast, so I’m terrified to attempt it on behalf of my Other.

I spent last night hand-sewing an apron. I don’t know why, I just had a sudden urge to sew, and ended up with an apron. These things happen. Maybe I’ll unearth my sewing machine, sometime soon. It started with picking up an errant crochet project; then there were ribbon roses; apronage followed. Who knows what will come next?

I think that worries and stress in my work life are causing me to seek a sense of completion and competency elsewhere. I’m writing and cooking, sewing and crocheting, cleaning and mending. It doesn’t matter that I’m not a professional in any of these things, just that I feel a sense of accomplishment when the task is done. I’m trying to live my life as though my every act was to become a universal law, to paraphrase Kant. I’m in a Kantian phase, it seems.

Last week’s Japanese-style bentos were successful, tasty and filling. Today, I’m prepping more Southeast Asian ingredients. I have rice noodles, Jasmine rice, tofu two ways–crispy, fried in chili-sesame oil and soft, plain tofu–and a Panang curry sauce for both. I’ll add red cabbage, thinly sliced onions, turnip greens, and pickles, when I’m ready to start packing. (Heh. I said “packing.” Ahem.)

I hear rumors that we won’t get the new season of Sherlock until November, at the earliest. Woe!

Usually, I won’t review novels that I don’t like, but in the case of Jay Kristoff’s Stormdancer, I’m making an exception. The book isn’t terrible, but it’s boring. How can steampunk set in a mythic Japan with a kick-ass female protagonist be boring? I don’t know! But it is, and that’s depressing. I should love this book, adore it, and call it George, but instead I’m going to commit the worst sin, and not finish it. Life is to short, and I just don’t care how it ends. Bah, I say, as I move on to something more interesting. I don’t yet know what that will be. I’ve got a stack of books on the table, both from the library and various publishers. I’m sure something will appeal.

Actually, what I would really like to read is some awesome fanfiction. I’ve been following EarlGreyTea’s recent Sherlock AUs, which are great fun, but I’ve been out of active fandom for so long, that I don’t know what else is out there. Recommendations welcome! (Please note, I prefer slash fanfic, these days. I get enough of hetero-normative, cis relationships in commercial fiction and, you know, real life.)


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