On the way home, tonight, the better half suggested Mexican food for dinner. Not real Mexican food, as this is not the area for that, but fake Mexican food, i.e. greasy, deep-fried deliciousness. I had two Chili Rellenos, w/ rice, beans, and corn tortillas, plus I ordered an enchilada, which I had to bring home, because OMG too much food.

Now my stomach hurts and I have to go sleep it off. Ouchy.

I know better than this, I do. The local Mexi-shack is a prescription for bloat and pain, but every time, man, every time I order like eating is going out of style. Someday I will grow up, I swear.

Also, the free nachos are evil. They should be illegal, they are so delicious and deceptively unfilling. You think they aren’t filling, that you are just casually sampling the crispy corn triangles and spicy sauce, but then the entree comes and suddenly YOU KNOW. Yeah, you know. Ya shoulda laid off of the chips.

I had planned to read and maybe write a bit, tonight. Instead, I will take my meds and tuck into my nice, comfy bed, to groan until I fall asleep. Pity me.


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