Not really. The better half’s mobile has been acting up, so we spent the last hour on the line with our provider. The result? A new phone was ordered. Le sigh. By renewing our contract, I was able to get her a really nice phone fairly cheap, but it was an unexpected expense, to say the least.

Next up, the Costco, where we will spend even more of our precious wages on food and drugs. Oh, and dish-soap. Our lives are so very exciting, yes?

It was supposed to rain last night, but did not. I’m not happy about that. The garden needs water, and I’m loathe to pay for something that falls freely from the sky. I do not know why our local media bother to employ “meteorologists.” They are perfectly useless, here. Our weather never behaves as predicted.

I set aside Deb Caletti’s He’s Gone, in favor of an old Elizabeth Moon adventure, Trading in Danger. I got a quarter through He’s Gone, then skipped to the end, because I just don’t care to read several hundred pages dissecting someone’s marriage. Bored, now. Moon, on the other hand, almost always keeps me turning the pages.


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