Midnight Notes

Made tuna-mayo onigiri, medium-boiled eggs, and cheese-onion enchiladas. Enchiladas were today’s dinner, and probably for the rest of the weekend, into Monday or Tuesday. I don’t mind eating the same thing every day. The better half is pickier.

Bento planning:

  • Monday: breakfast–boiled egg, mango, pineapple, cottage cheese; lunch–2 onigiri, mini-cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, apple slices
  • Tuesday: breakfast–boiled egg, strawberries, grapes, cottage cheese; lunch–2 onigiri, tsukemono, edamame, mango
  • Wednesday: breakfast–boiled egg, pineapple, apple cubes, cottage cheese; lunch–tomato, cuke, olive, & fresh mozza “salad,” strawberries
  • Thursday: breakfast–boiled egg, whatever soft fruit is left, cottage cheese; lunch–last 2 onigiri, carrot sticks, tsukemono, apple slices
  • Friday: breakfast–boiled egg, apple slices, mixed raisins & nuts; lunch–cheese quesadillas with tomato, cuke, & onion “salsa”

So, I might run out of fruits by Friday, but overall, I have enough food in-house for a week of breakfasts and lunches.

The strawberry plants are flowering. The growing instructions say to pick off this year’s blossoms in order to get bigger yields next year. Then what’s the point of even growing them? I want fruit this year, and I will have it! I’m happy to sacrifice future potential for immediate gratification, because that’s just how I roll.

Fig trees are still doing well. The hailstorms slaughtered my avocados. I should have waited until about now to plant out those, I think. Lesson learned. More avocados will be sprouted. At this rate, I will be 50 before I ever produce an avocado fruit, and I’m completely comfortable with that. This is one of my hare-brained, science-fictional projects–more like a long-term experiment in regional horticulture.

And, goal accomplished! I have now bored myself to sleep. Yay!



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