Life, the Universe, and Everything

I’ve been having some challenges, shall we say, at work, recently. Considering the mostly male-dominated industries that I have worked in, I’m experiencing much more sexism and hearing more vaguely-racist speech at my current, super-liberal, socially progressive company.

I don’t think this is pervasive, just my group, which happens to have a few good old boys who rather unfortunately reinforce each other. It’s uncomfortable, because they are not bad people, just kind of confused. Smart, but not savvy, you know?

But they are trying, which counts. The other day, during a team function, the GOBs segued into a small side conversation about political correctness and what are the right terms for women: gal, lady, woman, et cetera. It was sweet. I felt indulgent, and weirdly affectionate.

It makes me wonder, who are the trolls on the intertoobs? I can’t believe the racist, sexist, homophobic assholes (HT: John Scalzi) that leave crazy screeds in comments are the guys at work. The guys at work are learning to recognize their privilege, are thinking and talking about it; the trolls are scared.

So, I wonder: how do we identify the trolls out in the meat world, and when we do, how do we guide them across the Rubicon? How do we alleviate fear and better explicate the benefits of truly just society? How do we become the light of the world?

As individuals and as communities, our reach should always exceed our grasp. What is the point of emotion and intelligence and opposable thumbs if not to strive to be better, to be more compassionate, more just, more creative… just more? To appreciate, to care, to keep each other in health and safety and opportunity? To keep ourselves…

It’s that last part, that is the hardest, I think. It’s really hard to be compassionate and caring towards oneself. How do I forgive me my trespasses, that I might forgive those that trespass against me? What do I think of an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, when it’s my eye and my tooth, when I am on either end of the exchange?

Also, Star Trek: Into Darkness is well worth the time and money. Someone on Facebook called it Sherlock: Into Darkness, which is hilarious, but Benedict Cumberbatch is better than that. Unfortunately, Chris Pine isn’t. And that’s all I have to say about that.


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