Packed my lunch bento for tomorrow–black rice inari-zushi and tsunemono–and have breakfast prep going in the fridge. I’m making tea eggs with the lees of last night’s Jasmine Pearl tea. I suspect they will be really, really good. I’ve been craving Jasmine tea, drinking quite a lot of it, and I find it’s best to just roll with my cravings.

I love tea eggs, but the traditional, double-boiled method leaves them too hard for my taste. Instead, I boil my eggs to medium, cool and peel them, then soak them in the tea and soy mixture in a container in the fridge. When I’m making a bento, I just grab a couple out of the container. The color and flavor are both lovely: smoky, without being overwhelmingly salty or tea-y. The tea and soy also help preserve the eggs, so they keep a little longer than plain shelled eggs.

Eggs are my primary source of protein, so I usually cook and soak six at a time. Sliced in half, they fit perfectly in standard bento boxes, and tea eggs help keep it interesting. They also go well with most traditional bento foods, like rice and pickles, and are nice for breakfast, with a sliced apple.

I’m still on my Japanese food kick, obviously. I made salmon patties, Japanese-style potato salad (wasabi mayo, yum!) and miso this weekend. I’ll probably use the leftover potato salad for a bento or two, with a tea egg and whatever other tidbits I have around.

It’s been fun, but I’m going to have to replace some things on our next trip to the Costco. I’m almost out of canned seafood, and completely out of white sushi rice, vegetable oil, and tofu. I’m also down to the dregs of our veg drawer. There is some really depressed broccoli in there, right now, but I found myself wondering if it was possibly still edible, earlier this evening. No. Just no. It’s compost. I’ll make it official, tomorrow.



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