Sunday Bento Scribblings

Made futomaki today, since we stopped by the Japanese market on the way home, Friday, so I now have rice, &tc. Stuffed the rolls with salmon, cucumber, and cream cheese. This will be my protein for the next two days. Bentos packed with the rolls, grape tomatoes, tsukemono, and tsunomono.

With the leftover seasoned rice, I made umeboshi inarizushi. That, a soy egg, and strawberries or apples, should make nice breakfasts. Later in the week, I’ll probably go Mediterranean, again. That pattern seems to be working out.

Uwajimaya is far too distracting. I remembered tofu, but forgot sesame oil. I spent long moments transfixed, first by the selection of mushrooms, then by the salted fishes. Despite my tendencies, we still managed to get out in under an hour with just two bags, and without breaking the budget. I call that a win.

I’m beginning to despise The Blind Banker. It’s never been my favorite episode of Sherlock, but the central villain(ess) irritates me more every time. I think it’s worse because I don’t really watch the episodes, just sort of listen to them as background noise, while I’m writing.

I know, that’s weird, but for some reason I find it less distracting to listen to Sherlock or The West Wing, than to music. BBC or CBC news radio works, too. I think it started when I was laid off; I became starved for human interaction, and needed the sound of people speaking to keep me from going completely batshit insane. I cannot stand talk shows of the sort that include inane jackasses, forced laughter, or people yelling, and commercial advertising is as bad as the worst talk shows. Some might call me tetchy; I prefer “sensitive.” Ahem.

Quote of the day, courtesy of Edith Wharton:

He had to deal all at once with the packed regrets
and stifled memories of an inarticulate lifetime.


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