Rice Bowl

Today was pay day, so I paid a whole bunch of bills, then treated myself to sushi for lunch. The sushi was okay; the rice was over-seasoned, which is a real issue up here. Lay off the fucking sugar, no really, I  mean it. You have a sophisticated clientele, who don’t need rice that tastes like candy, fucking take advantage, right?

Sometimes I really miss Japan. Coming back to the USA was AWFUL. The airport STANK, like sulphur, aka people who drink milk, daily. You stink. Did you know that? Well, you do. And I work with you, stinky-butts. I smoke, but most of my coworkers don’t know this, because hello, outside, but I can smell a milk drinker from 30 paces. Also, ew in the toilets. Yuck. Your meaty, carnivorous poops stink like a stinky thing. Gross.

In other news, I’ve been super depressed the past few weeks. I’m barely coherent, now. I’m quoting life insurance, so that the SO doesn’t have to carry the mortgage after I’m dead. This means that if I do kill myself, I’ll wait at least 13 weeks.

My brain.


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