I’m melting

Too damn hot. I have made buckets of ice and imbibed gallons of lemonade. I am so glad I made the better half get lemons last week. And we have plenty of sugar, which is fairly rare, so not only am I drinking lemonade, but when it cools down some, I will make candied lemon peel. The sun has finally set, so that will happen fairly soon.

This past week was an egg week. I haven’t been eating boiled eggs recently, simply because my self-care went all to hell the past few weeks, so I haven’t been eating. Thus, I have too many eggs, if there could be such a thing. But the new eggs and the heat inspired me to make lemon-deviled eggs with smoked salmon. While not inherently unhealthy, it’s probably best not to eat all of them, even though they are magically delicious.

Magically Delicious Deviled Eggs

6 medium-boiled, farm-fresh eggs
1 Tbsp prepared Dijon-style mustard
1 tsp lemon juice
1 tsp finely grated lemon zest
avocado oil
lox- or Nova-style smoked salmon

Halve your eggs and pop out the yolks into a high-sided bowl. Add lemon zest, juice, and mustard. Whisk together, adding oil in a thin stream, until you have a fluffy, pale paste. Spoon filling into egg halves (and pop them into the fridge to cool, while you do the next bit).

Slice your salmon into thin ribbons, cross-wise (i.e. against the grain). Coil the ribbons on top of of your filled eggs–on the filling part obviously, not the white bit. Refrigerate until ready to eat like a greedy pig.

Avocado oil is really amazing. It’s very mild and has a low smoke point, so it’s not much use for cooking with heat, but it’s beautiful as a dressing or a binder. It makes for much nicer deviled eggs than mayo, sour cream, or olive oil. And really, when one is deviling eggs, why add prepared mayo to a mixture that is pretty much mayo? Egg yolk, lemon, oil… why is this combination so tasty?


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