Happy 4th

Or not. My neighborhood sounds like a war zone, as per usual. This happens twice a year, summer and winter. We’re technically outside the city, so folks set off all sorts of explody things. Le sigh.

Fortunately, Lily is much calmer than our last dog, and mostly sleeps through the noise and lights. By contrast, I’m something of a wreck. It’s a relief to only have to think of myself, though, and not also fret over the pets.

I made traditional American food for dinner: rice, beans, and corn pones. Tasty goodness.

I also managed to write a bit, today. Mostly to distract myself from the bangs.

The better half is on the phone discussing prophylactic gastropexy. I’m appalled that I understand what that means. Laproscopy should not be part of idle, holiday conversation.


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