I’ve been stressed, recently. I’m not a stress eater, I’m a stress starver. I.e. when things are tough, I don’t eat.

Considering my other, medical issues, this is a bad, bad thing. When my brain chemistry goes wonky, bad things happen. Expensive, bad things. So, yeah, eating, good.

Today, I hit up a local Vietnamese place. Really, I’ve been craving Dosa, but there are none near me, so I settled. Mosly yum. But no matter how good the okra satay was, I still want Dosa.

Also, I’ve managed to hook myself up w/ GF pizza that is not cross-contaminated. The caveat is that I need to get it by 11AM. I can work with that, at least, usually. Today, my meetings started at 8 AM, and just kept going….argh. But I think that occasionally I can get out in time to get pizza.



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