An Institutional Sexism Pop Quiz

What does it mean when a female in the US does the following things in the course of a week?

  • Gets a haircut
  • Depilates thoroughly: eyebrow shaping, ‘stache removal, pits, legs, etc.
  • Audits her cosmetics and wardrobe
  • Drops a dime or two in a consignment shop on suits and blouses
  • Goes to Sephora
  • Polishes her pumps
  • Cleans all of her jewelry

Take a guess…

I have had a very busy Saturday, but less than two hours was outside of the house. None of what I did is considered work or work-related, but every second of my time contributed directly to the economic health and stability of my household. And that is the bare minimum required.

Tomorrow will contain more of the same, and for the next few weeks I’ll be waking up earlier and going to bed later, because that’s whatcha gotta do to maintain the facade that heteronormative gender presentation expectations aren’t completely unrealistic, unreasonable, and deeply stupid.

The shoes are still bitchin’, though.Image


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