From the Insomniac Cookery files

Hm. The crustless pie is tasty, but flatter than I would like. I suspect that butternut squash has too much water. I roasted it, because I was worried about this very thing; I can’t imagine the result of using steamed or boiled butternut squash. Yech.

Pros: very, very smooth puree; lovely, delicate flavor
Cons: high water content means that the pie lost half its mass during cooking

I’m now eying the kabocha (Japanese pumpkin) for future squash pies or custards. Kabocha is even drier than the standard orange pumpkin, which is why it’s sooooo delicious as tempura.

Fixed the Other Half pancakes for breakfast, while I made her a German Pear oven pancake for the holidays. Both turned out well, although pancakes are pretty effing easy, and the German Pear thingy is basically just pancake batter poured over sliced, sauteed pears and baked. I’m pretty sure I’ve made her pancakes in my sleep.

I did not break out the mandolin slicer for one Bosc pear. Way too much trouble. Was chuffed to realize that I can still peel, core, and slice a pear with a chef’s knife. Go me! It’s been a while since we’ve had pears, but the OH got a fruit box for xmas and it’s stuffed with pears. They don’t keep as long as apples, so I’m trying to think of things to do with them. Quickly.

Last time I was laid off I made pancakes several times a week, getting creative with additives just to experiment with flavor combos and moisture content. Since I can’t eat them myself, this sort of thing always leads to o’dark-thirty pop quizzes about texture, flavor, toppings, et alia. Which can lead to a minor amount of domestic strife, when the quizzed party is still 3/4 asleep and cranky about being awake, at all. Ah, well, all life is suffering.


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