I made Chocolate Bread for the Other Half, today. In the course of this endeavor, I discovered that our oven is broken. Preheat works fine, but the bake setting does not, so I had to get a little creative. The bread still turned out very well–I baked it on preheat 350F for 10 minutes, then turned off the oven and counted on the stored heat to finish the job. It worked, although the top crust is a little darker than it should be.

It probably helped that I really skimped on the flour for this recipe. I’ve been experimenting, and it seems that only adding enough flour to make a sticky dough, nearly a batter, makes for a nicer crumb in a nice, moist loaf. The more flour you add, the drier and harder the bread. It’s a “doh”-dough idea, but since all the books recommend a dough that is the texture of “a baby’s bottom,” I feel quite adventurous with my sticky, unkneadable doughs. I use my mixer, and scrape the dough into a loaf pan for the final rise.

Just an FYI–you don’t get the pretty, smooth top from sticky doughs. If aesthetics are your turn on, don’t bake sticky dough.



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