Gardening 2014

3/23: Got a little excited and planted snap peas, lettuce, radishes, and a local winter squash.

3/30: More lettuce and beets.

4/5: Recovering from a cold, so ordered blueberry bushes and more seeds. Berries were on sale; more seeds = free shipping. Also, I am ridiculous.

4/6: Redug 3/23 beds when I realized that they were too damp and my seeds had rotted. Added some amendments, planted more peas, winter squash, and radish. Also, chives and broccoli. Sadly out of lettuce seeds. Fortunately, ordered more yesterday.

I also prepped another bed, cleaned up the pot situation, and planted celery in the two large planting pots by the deck stairs. I may be foolish for trying to grow celery, but I like it and it doesn’t keep well in our fridge. It either freezes or rots. That’s the fault of our ancient fridge, not the celery.

Next weekend, if it’s warm enough, I’ll plant bush and pole beans, herbs, flowers, and summer squash.

I’m kinda-sorta doing the April Pantry Challenge, i.e. eating only what is already in the house. That is excepting eggs, because I belong to a sort of egg-CSA, so eggs will be delivered to my workplace whether I eat them or not. I’m considering the subscription “pantry” since I signed up before I began the challenge.

The point is to clear out old food before the fresh food starts coming out of the garden, then switch to a mostly fresh diet. Unfortunately, with the redig, it’s possible that the only thing available to eat on May 1st will be dandelion greens and roots, sorrel, and baby lettuce and chard. If I’m lucky… If I’m not lucky, May will also be a Pantry Challenge month, only with a slimmer selection to choose from.

Which prompts the question, what shall I eat tonight? I’ve no idea…


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