This weekend I read The Intern's Handbook and Hostile Takeover by Shane Kuhn, and Glow by Ned Beauman. They made for a fun weekend, indoors, as I have been avoiding the heat wave outside. 96 degrees! Impossible. Shane Kuhn is in show business, apparently, which makes sense. The premise of the novels is a corporation … Continue reading Threefer


Authority by Jeff VanderMeer

Book two of the Southern Reach Trilogy takes place outside of Area X, the creepy setting of Annihilation, in the bowels of Southern Reach itself, the government agency perched on the border of Area X, and tasked with researching the phenomenon at their doorstep. Unfortunately, bureaucracy in fiction is generally just as dull and frustrating … Continue reading Authority by Jeff VanderMeer


So, I'm rereading Robert A. Heinlein: In Dialogue with His Century, Vol. 1 - Learning Curve (1907-1948), because now that I own both books, I feel the need to refresh my memory before starting Volume 2. Second reads are always interesting. Sometimes, the suck fairy has paid a visit, but generally, I find that if … Continue reading WWHD?