40 Days

half a warLife got busy there for a while, so even though I’ve been doing a lot of reading, I haven’t been doing much blogging about what I’ve read. Obviously.

I finished Half A King and Half The World, by Joe Abercrombie. I have not yet read Half A War–I read the first few chapters, and discovered that I needed a break. These books are not direct sequels; instead they focus on interrelated characters, shifting focus between close generations and caste. Caste probably isn’t the correct word, actually, but it’s the closest I can get to my impression of the combination of class, profession, and role.

2016 Hugo Eligibility: Half The World & Half A War
Publisher: Del Rey (Random House), USA
Editorial: Natasha Bardon, Gillian Redfearn
Rating: 3/5
Genre: Fantasy, on the grim and bloody side


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