Carrie Patel, Recoletta Books

cities&thronesI was fairly excited about the The Buried Life and Cities & Thrones, books 1 & 2 from debut author Carrie Patel. They promised adventure, mystery, politics, a little mayhem… basically, my definition of a good read. And for the most part they delivered; however, the delivery should have been in three or four distinct books, not two hot-pot novels.

Ms Patel obviously has a lot of stories to tell in this universe, and those stories are probably very interesting. Unfortunately, each installment was packed with the three (or perhaps more) tales, and the result was rushed, confusing, and discombobulated. It’s difficult for an experienced author who has been writing for decades to keep multiple character’s plotlines separate, yet intertwined, and Ms Patel isn’t quite there.

2016 Hugo Eligibility: Yes, both published 2015
Publisher: Angry Robot, USA
Editorial: Lee Harris
Rating: 2/5
Genre: Fantasy, SF, Steampunk, Post-Apocalyptic Mystery Adventure Sci-Fantasy? I don’t even know.


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