The Rook, by Daniel O’Malley

the rookIf I could insert a Kermit cheer in this space, I totally would. I really enjoyed this book, and was heartbroken to discover that 1.) it was published in 2012, so I can’t nominate it for All The (2016) Awards Evah, and 2.) the sequel, Stiletto, doesn’t come out until January 2016. Misera sum!

The Rook is everything I was hoping for, and more. A fast-paced, supernatural thriller, twisty right up until the end, I couldn’t put it aside. I’m normally not a fan of epistolary novels, but the letters were a minor part of the text, although they played a major role in the plot. The main character has a wry and macabre sense of humor that had me chortling on the bus, not to mention that the author is clearly satirizing certain fiction tropes (e.g. the Illuminati) within the story.

I may also have mentioned before that I quite like stories with unlikely heroes–the paper-pushing bureaucrat, or accountant, or help-desk operator. Myfanwy Thomas is something like the office manager for “Her Majesty’s Supernatural Secret Service” (a tagline for the novel). Money quote: “There’s a reason that there’s no TV show called CSI: Forensic Accounting.” Whee!

2016 Hugo Eligibility: Unfortunately, no.
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company, USA
Editorial: ???
Rating: 4.5/5, highly recommended
Genre: Supernatural thriller


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