Not a review

I have a day job, as do most of us. This day job is generally delightful, fulfilling, rewarding, et cetera; however, on occasion, I am subjected to the Worst Writing Evah, aka business jargon. Multi-page memos of obscurantism, sound and fury, signifying nothing.


As part of our review of horizontal management structure, we have decided to move forward with intuitive agility. Yolo. Our exploratory research points to 21st Century modular flexibility.

Next quarter we will launch our new face time-killer which will circle back the tipping point literally. At the end of the day, it’s time to act with pro-active skillsets and cross-pollinate our team IP. Going forward, it’s time to act with amazing ideation and synthesize our team mindshare.

As we distinctively envisioneer front-end quality vectors and deliver on-demand strategic theme areas, we credibly conceptualize business synergy. This sector has win-win vector. It is what it is.


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