The Midnight Kitchen

I've avoided gluten-free flour blends, for the past few years. My forays into baking with these products generally resulted in gummy, tough pastry and breads, so I gave up. Instead, I turned back to my roots--Southern food, specifically that of central Mississippi--and Italian home cuisine.There are no Italians anywhere in my family history; we are … Continue reading The Midnight Kitchen


From the Insomniac Cookery files

Hm. The crustless pie is tasty, but flatter than I would like. I suspect that butternut squash has too much water. I roasted it, because I was worried about this very thing; I can't imagine the result of using steamed or boiled butternut squash. Yech. Pros: very, very smooth puree; lovely, delicate flavorCons: high water … Continue reading From the Insomniac Cookery files